Meet the team

keeping inspiration flowing

Jack Bernstein
From a young age, Jack Bernstein learned to swim against the tide. Hanging around his father’s plumbing supply shop, he closely studied the plumbing industry and all its intricate facets. Through those early experiences, he gained an immense appreciation for his craft. He quickly realized that design innovation can transform a room from functional to fabulous.
Hendy Gold
Hendy has an eye for luxury, but she admits that the best things in life are both beautiful and practical. Working as an accountant for 7 years before joining Kurrent, she’s a numbers gal on paper—but a people person in practice. When she’s not tending to her 2 young children or indulging her addiction to dark chocolate, Hendy can be found managing our books with scrupulous attention to detail. She’s also the friendly face of our customer service department.
Lily Israely
Lily is a creative with an awesome sense of design. An old soul with a contemporary mind, she is anchored in the current yet inspired by past, present and future. Lily showcases a genuine love for helping clients bring their dream home alive. Hailing from Minnesota, where only the warm of heart can stand up to the elements, she brings to Kurrent a keen design repertoire from her experience working at a large design firm in Manhattan.
Fred Ernsberger
Fred is a master of facts and figures. Before joining the Kurrent family he honed his analytical skills in fields as diverse as healthcare, botany and painting, eventually gaining a master’s degree in biostatistics. Today, Fred brings his meticulous mental math to the Kurrent operation, conducting industry research while helping us bring clients fresh, relevant design inspiration. Thanks to his genius, Kurrent data always stays current.