Meet the team

keeping inspiration flowing

Jack Bernstein


Founder of Kurrent, Jack built this dominion from the ground up, merging a showroom, wholesale seller and online marketplace into the ultimate kitchen resource. Jack’s interest in kitchen and bath design was sparked young, receiving his education and inspiration from his father’s plumbing shop. In 2011, Jack launched his career by selling his favorites on Amazon. With sales skyrocketing by 2017, Jack took his trendsetting innovation to the brick-and-mortar playing field, opening Kurrent, a state of the art, concept driven showroom in Brooklyn, NY. Recipient of 30 under 30 award and one of four NKBA judges on a panel for most innovative products of 2019, Jack services residential and commercial clients with progressive, exclusive design, transforming spaces into visual masterpieces.
Hendy Gold

Accounts Payable

As head of accounts payable, Hendy uses her love of order and 7 years of corporate experience in an esteemed accounting firm to keep Kurrent’s books organized, up to date, and transparent. Forward thinking and extremely communicative, she keeps everyone in the loop with ‘heads-up’ and follow- ups, creating trusted, positive and engaged relationship with all of our vendors. Stationed in our behind-the-scenes back office, Kurrent’s efficient, smooth, and balanced operations begin and end with Hendy.
Lily Israely

Sales Manager

With a Bachelors in Business Management, Lily brings expert skills to the team. Her previous work experience for a Manhattan architect provided her with insight and familiarity with building structure and symmetry. Lily’s work at Kurrent allows her to continue exploring design by delving into the nuances of plumbing fixtures, hardware, and other decorative items. With space being a great limitation in NY homes, Lily utilizes her skills to help fit the most into a new house, making it both practical and pretty. As the most sought-after designer with the highest level of expertise, customers are thrilled to be on her roster and be recipients of Lily’s brilliant vision and signature talent.
Shlomo Yachnes

Logistics Manager and Sales

Shlomo received an MBA in Marketing and began his career working in a digital marketing firm, managing client accounts and data analysis. Wanting to utilize his innate creativity and design knowledge on a deeper, more extensive level, Shlomo joined Kurrent’s team, bringing his passion for design and eye for detail. A firm believer of the 6 a.m. cold shower mindset, Shlomo hits the ground running, always looking to expand his knowledge and help more clients achieve their dreams.
Jessica Medeiros

Marketing Manager

With a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology, Jessica brings a very unique set of skills to the Kurrent team. Previously employed by the renowned handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff, Jessica has a keen eye for stylish and unique products. From managing social media accounts and handling shipments to sales and more, Jessica uses her years of experience in sales, her expert communication skills, and her deep seated understanding of a customer’s wants and needs to excel in her role at Kurrent.

Online Customer Service Representative

With 10 years of experience in the field, Nubia provides exceptional customer service. Her previous job experience serving as a purchasing manager for AJ Madison, as well as other customer service positions, provided the perfect foundation for her work at Kurrrent. From providing online and phone support to customers to handling returns and ironing out any problems, Nubia is an essential part of our back office staff and always treats the customer with respect and attentive care.
Yossi Bernstein

Operations Manager

Handling the logistics and general functionality of the Kurrent showroom, Yossi ensures a smooth flow for the entire process. From purchasing and inventory to overseeing deliveries and special orders, Yossi is a master of efficiency. Having previously worked as a general manager responsible for complete store operation, Yossi brings 35 years of extensive knowledge and rock-solid work ethic to the Kurrent team. Yossi’s customer service reputation is bar none, as he uses creativity and dedication to handle challenges, always placing the customer’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal.
Lipa Fliescher


Managing Kurrent’s online stock and inventory, sourcing out new products and handling the purchasing, Lipa is systematic, punctual and organized in all of his professional responsibilities in our Ecommerce department. Lipa studies trends, analyzing sales records and tracking volumes to discover solid, popular products for Kurrent clientele.
Mendy Katz

Data Manager

Focused on a structured workflow, Mendy uses his extensive knowledge to ensure that Kurrent’s online platform runs seamlessly, ensuring good ratings and rankings so that customers can easily find the perfect product for their needs. Previously employed as a payroll manager, Mendy brings efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy to the process, excelling in his role through a combination of training and self-taught skills. Mendy tackles data problems and system errors head-on, bringing his friendly, positive personality into all his work.
Bryan Perez

Warehouse Operations

Responsible for the majority of our warehouse operations, Bryan Perez utilizes hard work and excellent organizational skills to keep the Kurrent process running at the height of efficiency. Juggling many areas, from handling, receiving and labeling to organizing, packing and delivering all customer products, Bryan smoothly manages them all with alacrity and expertise.