Innovative Designs that Will Carry You Into the Future

Kurrent prides themselves in working with specialty brands that bring character and uniqueness to the design world! We are constantly looking for new and exciting products that allow us to demonstrate our creativity when designing a home. For this reason, we are proud to announce our latest partnership with the renowned faucets and accessories company, Franz Viegener!

What makes Franz Viegener so special?

FV has been in business for over 90 years and is a TRUE manufacturer. This means that everything we see has been created right within the walls of their state-of-art complex in Buenos Aires! With their German engineering and their South American artisans’ craftsmanship, they have created the ultimate faucets. What better way to give their customers the highest quality assurance than producing every aspect of their products themselves?

How does Franz Viegener maintain their reputation for the most innovative and highest quality faucets in the industry?

Not only does Franz Viegener guarantee their products, but they’ve raised the bar for luxury faucet standards. Each collection is available in a wide range of finishes that have absolutely no distortion! Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty on EVERY finish! With their new high-tech galvanic plating and high production PVD chamber, FV offers their customers the BEST finishes in the industry… Now that’s impressive!

Franz Viegener is also known for their sleek, innovative designs. All of their products are bold, timeless, and extremely stylish. Each collection takes on a new level of design brilliance; pushing the envelope in terms of functionality and design.

What notable projects has Franz Viegener previously worked on?

Apart from our showroom and their beautifully designed website, you can check out Franz Viegener’s prestigious work at the luxurious Fendi Chateau in Miami Florida! These high-end condominiums are finished with Skyline Series faucets; a FV staple if you will and a Kurrent favorite! FV also supplied their plumbing fixtures to the Venetian Luxury Residences in Uruguay, along with several multi-million dollar private and architectural estates throughout the world.

To learn more about Franz Viegener, you can contact our sales team here.