Quarantine Cleaning Tips

It is always important to keep our kitchens clean, but now more than ever. Faucets and hardware can become breeding grounds for germs if not properly taken care of. Many of our clients ask how to keep their luxury fixtures and hardware clean without damaging their finish… and we have an answer!

The best way to clean any faucet is with soap and warm water. Believe it or not, this will kill almost all of the germs living on your precious fixture. Many clients make the mistake and use harsh chemicals on their faucets which will only strip the finish. Soap is the perfect ingredient to kill all germs and keep your faucet sparkling! And the best part is… you already have it in your home!

Soap and water will also apply for your hardware. Items made from brass (either faucets or hardware) will not need to be disinfected as brass is one of the few materials that disinfects itself in approximately 8 hours. This is an amazing perk for clients who have solid brass hardware being frequently used all around their home. It is also another reason why it is so crucial to have high quality solid brass fixtures and pulls rather than the less expensive zinc products.

If you’re looking to give your faucet that extra shining touch, another great solution is Flitz! This company makes an amazing faucet wax that was designed to polish all finishes (including anything in the gold family). This is a great way to give your faucet that sparkling look without damaging it’s beautiful finish. Most hardware can also be cleaned with Beeswax (other than brass) to achieve that same shiny look!

We hope that everyone is staying safe and well during these difficult times. Remember that you are not alone and like the saying goes, “this too shall pass”. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding faucet maintenance here! We are open and available to help you however we can!

-The Kurrent Team