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Hendy Gold
Hendy Gold

Accounts Payable

As head of accounts payable, Hendy uses her love of order and 7 years of corporate experience in an esteemed accounting firm to keep Kurrent’s books organized, up to date, and transparent. Forward thinking and extremely communicative, she keeps everyone in the loop with ‘heads-up’ and follow- ups, creating trusted, positive and engaged relationship with all of our vendors. Stationed in our behind-the-scenes back office, Kurrent’s efficient, smooth, and balanced operations begin and end with Hendy.

Hendy Says:

Most Enjoy: The personal relationship I’ve cultivated with our vendors.

The Best Part of My Job: Watching and being a part of the business growing from the ground up.

My Top Skills: I’m an organized, dedicated, always-on-the-ball planner.

Colleagues Weigh In: "Hendy’s friendliness and calm nature keep us all on an even keel."

Vendors Say: "Hendy tells us what we need to know, before we need to know it! A check is coming in the mail? She sends an email that it’s on the way. Holidays are approaching and the store is closed? She pre-authorizes payment so we don’t run into any issues. She is always sending out reminders and looking ahead to prevent any unnecessary issues. She’s a pleasure to work with."