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Jack Bernstein
Jack Bernstein


Founder of Kurrent, Jack built this dominion from the ground up, merging a showroom, wholesale seller and online marketplace into the ultimate kitchen resource. Jack’s interest in kitchen and bath design was sparked young, receiving his education and inspiration from his father’s plumbing shop. In 2011, Jack launched his career by selling his favorites on Amazon. With sales skyrocketing by 2017, Jack took his trendsetting innovation to the brick-and-mortar playing field, opening Kurrent, a state of the art, concept driven showroom in Brooklyn, NY. Recipient of 30 under 30 award and one of four NKBA judges on a panel for most innovative products of 2019, Jack services residential and commercial clients with progressive, exclusive design, transforming spaces into visual masterpieces.

Jack Says:

My Focus: To create the perfect environment for the customer, making the whole process as seamless as possible and our showroom a transcendent experience.

Favorite Part of Job: Scouring the world for different brands, new products, and the latest technology to offer our customers the best and most advanced solutions.

Best At: Listening and learning from people that have more experience than me. I’m always thinking about the next big thing, hungry to make the experience better for our customers. Always innovating, adapting, changing and growing.

Designers & Contractors Say: "Jacks works so differently than others. He sees a trend and jumps on it- and he’s not just in it to make a sale. He really cares about his work- that’s why we keep coming back!"

Employees Weigh In: "Jack has so much confidence and is extremely generous with everyone. Although a perfectionist, he is slow to anger and if mistakes are made, he says “That’s a learning experience” and moves on! He is willing to listen and learn, and is always ahead of the curve."