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Jessica Medeiros
Jessica Medeiros

Marketing Manager

With a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology, Jessica brings a very unique set of skills to the Kurrent team. Previously employed by the renowned handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff, Jessica has a keen eye for stylish and unique products. From managing social media accounts and handling shipments to sales and more, Jessica uses her years of experience in sales, her expert communication skills, and her deep seated understanding of a customer’s wants and needs to excel in her role at Kurrent.

Jessica Says:

Favorite Part of Job: I love analyzing the data: Looking at our marketing history, seeing what caused a spike in sales and what people respond to gives me insight into what people want.

My Favorite Client: I love when a client is super passionate- it makes working with them so much more exciting, and the enthusiasm just builds and spills over into the whole project.

My Best Attributes: I’m organized, friendly & positive!

Customers Say: "Jessica is amazingly efficient. She handles everything so quickly, always with a smile on her face!"

Colleagues Weigh In: "Jessica is fun and stylish, bringing us the super chic energy of the fashion world, as well as Boston grown friendliness! She is always willing to go the extra mile to make all our lives easier."