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Lily Israely
Lily Israely

Sales Manager

With a Bachelors in Business Management, Lily brings expert skills to the team. Her previous work experience for a Manhattan architect provided her with insight and familiarity with building structure and symmetry. Lily’s work at Kurrent allows her to continue exploring design by delving into the nuances of plumbing fixtures, hardware, and other decorative items. With space being a great limitation in NY homes, Lily utilizes her skills to help fit the most into a new house, making it both practical and pretty. As the most sought-after designer with the highest level of expertise, customers are thrilled to be on her roster and be recipients of Lily’s brilliant vision and signature talent.

Lily Says:

Favorite Part of Job: I learn something new every day. Every designer has their own style, and I’m always learning different and new options. I also love getting phone calls about how happy a client is with a particular product and hearing plumbers and contractors share how a complicated installation worked out really well.

My Favorite Client: A decisive one! Someone who knows what they want, brings me a vision and says, "Help me create this!"

My Top Skills: I’m super OCD, I need everything done perfectly and professionally. (Translating into crystal clear spec books, with very detailed notes). I’m a go-getter, always moving, always accomplishing!

Clients Say: "Working with Lily is so easy. She is always available, solving any problems right away. Construction can be a super stressful experience, but she sets everything up so clearly from the beginning, and gives so much support throughout the entire process."

Colleagues Weigh In: "Lily is super passionate, feisty and full of fire, and always happy, ready to pitch in with an amazing attitude, and hallmark smile."