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Mendy Katz

Data Manager

Focused on a structured workflow, Mendy uses his extensive knowledge to ensure that Kurrent’s online platform runs seamlessly, ensuring good ratings and rankings so that customers can easily find the perfect product for their needs. Previously employed as a payroll manager, Mendy brings efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy to the process, excelling in his role through a combination of training and self-taught skills. Mendy tackles data problems and system errors head-on, bringing his friendly, positive personality into all his work.

Mendy Says:

My Biggest Accomplishment: "Reaching and exceeding my sales goals for the year!"

I Admire: "A previous boss of mine was an expert at smooth operations. He was extremely patient and I learned so much from his example!"

Colleagues Weigh In: "I am so glad Mendy works here, he is a quick learner, very responsible, and makes things happen!"