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Online Customer Service Representative

With 10 years of experience in the field, Nubia provides exceptional customer service. Her previous job experience serving as a purchasing manager for AJ Madison, as well as other customer service positions, provided the perfect foundation for her work at Kurrrent. From providing online and phone support to customers to handling returns and ironing out any problems, Nubia is an essential part of our back office staff and always treats the customer with respect and attentive care.

Nubia Says:

Best At: Smoothing out issues for customers in the easiest, quickest possible way.

My Pet Peeve: How people respond when they’re upset. I work hard at being calm and friendly even in difficult situations.

My Top Skill: I’m a really quick learner!

Clients Say: "Nubia goes above and beyond to find the perfect item- and she is always so quick to respond to any request! All issues are resolved within minutes when dealing with Nubia. She gets things done, and can rush orders, if need to be, to receive things literally within hours."

Colleagues Weigh In: "Nubia is hard working, organized, and always gets the job done! If we ever have extra work, we can count on her to stay late to help us out!"