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Oshra Valero
Oshra Valero

Executive Sales Assistant

Oshra’s years of experience in the world of design provides her with a unique, beneficial contribution to her role at Kurrent. Her previous positions as a newspaper editor yielded a valuable detail-orientated skillset. A well rounded and capable employee who is eager to learn and advance, Oshra’s responsibilities include creating spec books, putting together orders, and coordinating sales. Oshra takes initiative, tackling her day with expediency and efficiency. Oshra’s go-getter, friendly nature has a positive impact on every customer experience.

Oshra Says:

Side Skill: I started babysitting at age 16 and it taught me to have lots of patience. I use this skill on the job to stay calm under pressure, take things slowly and find solutions.

My Philosophy: Jump in fearlessly! It’s scary to do something new, but I try to absorb as much as I can. I’m confident in my abilities, and even if I’m not perfect, I know I’m capable!

Goal Tip: Whatever I do, whatever I put my focus on, I take it very seriously. I ask lots of questions so that I can soak up the knowledge, really understand and learn as much as I can.