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Shlomo Yachnes
Shlomo Yachnes

Logistics Manager and Sales

Shlomo received an MBA in Marketing and began his career working in a digital marketing firm, managing client accounts and data analysis. Wanting to utilize his innate creativity and design knowledge on a deeper, more extensive level, Shlomo joined Kurrent’s team, bringing his passion for design and eye for detail. A firm believer of the 6 a.m. cold shower mindset, Shlomo hits the ground running, always looking to expand his knowledge and help more clients achieve their dreams.

Shlomo Says:

Favorite Part of Job: "I love what I do. I love helping people build the place where their family will sit down for dinner every night, where the kids will fight, where memories happen!"

Best At: I’m really good with technical details- what can be done, what works. I have all this knowledge and it helps me present a practical, finished product to my customer.

My Top Skills: Organization, task management, and of course, my sense of humor!

Customers Say: "Working with Shlomo is just a pleasant, smooth experience. There’s not a hitch in the process! So thankful for his help."

Colleagues Weigh In: "Shlomo is organized, witty, and outgoing. He is a stickler for detail and organization, making sure everything is always on time, that all processes are correct and accurate, the showroom is neat and that we aren’t slacking!"