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Yehuda Steinberg
Yehuda Steinberg


As a team player heavily involved in customer service and inventory management, Yehuda’s retail management experience is a strong asset to Kurrent. From being intimately familiar with our software and making sure that orders are accurately filled to solving challenges and following up with customers, Yehuda combines innate people skills with diligence and determination, always leaving the customer appreciating a job well done.

Yehuda Says:

Biggest Accomplishment:Every new sale is exciting!

My Top Skills: Customer service and people skills. My customers feel confident that when they reach out to me, I will handle whatever they need.

My Strengths: I enjoy pleasing people, I’m friendly, and determined to see things to a successful end!

Colleagues Weigh In: "Yehuda is a super hard worker and will do anything that is asked of him. He gets the job done, not only quickly, but completely right."