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Yossi Bernstein

Operations Manager

Handling the logistics and general functionality of the Kurrent showroom, Yossi ensures a smooth flow for the entire process. From purchasing and inventory to overseeing deliveries and special orders, Yossi is a master of efficiency. Having previously worked as a general manager responsible for complete store operation, Yossi brings 35 years of extensive knowledge and rock-solid work ethic to the Kurrent team. Yossi’s customer service reputation is bar none, as he uses creativity and dedication to handle challenges, always placing the customer’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Yossi Says:

My Passion: Customer Service: I use creativity to solve problems- no need to point fingers or blame, let’s just figure it out! I take care of my customers and when a vendor or manufacturer makes a mistake- I fix it behind the scenes, leaving the customers with an easy, stress-free experience.

My Skills: After working in the industry for so many years, I am well respected and have a lot of knowledge and connections that I’ve cultivated, which allows me to take better care of my customers.

My Work Ethic: I don’t turn off my computer until there is nothing left to do for the day. No procrastination is acceptable.

Customers Rave: "Yossi takes care of you. He is so responsible, so attentive, so accessible- and so easy to deal with."

Colleagues Weigh In: "Yossi is a calm presence. He is very reliable, responsible and knowledgeable. Everyone feels comfortable around him and you know that when he takes on a project, it will be completed- and well- in a methodical, organized manner."