How ThermaSol Steam Can Inspire Your Shower Experience

ThermaSol steam is directly translated as a multi-sensory experience that fuses scent, sound, light, visualization and steam with seamless technological perfection. Steam therapy is something that has been around for thousands of years to promote physical well-being. From detoxification and stress relief, to respiratory health and muscle relaxation, the ThermaSol steam system does it all.

The calming warmth of steam helps open pores, detox every day toxins deep within the skin and gives skin a healthy glow. The combination of heat and moisture in a steam room helps lower stress levels and clear the mind. Steam therapy is known to boost respiratory problems by loosening phlegm in the lungs and mucus in the nose. After an intense workout or an uncomfortable plane ride, steam allows blood vessels to expand and release tension by allowing more oxygen to flow through the muscle tissue.

ThermaSol’s elevated spa experience touches all of the senses. The new all-in-one Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head combines all senses into one relaxing steam session. Chromatherapy uses light and color to balance one’s energy wherever the body is lacking. The idea is that the appearance of certain colors, or the absence of certain colors, can affect your body and mood. Music, (aka Sound Therapy) has long been known to lower blood pressure and slow down heart rate. The Rain Head provides Hydrotherapy, which enhances overall well-being by relaxing nerves and easing pain. The ThermaTouch in-shower touchscreen controller helps regulate the entire steam shower right at your fingertips. It also includes Tranquility; nine scenic views including sound themes from nature for an even more relaxing steam session.

But one question remains; what makes the ThermaSol steam system different than any other steam system out there? Unlike other steam systems, ThermaSol steam is set at a temperature of your choice and never shuts off when it reaches that temperature. Not only does this conserve electricity, it also ensures that you’ll never get cold. The ThermaSol generator can be stored up to 50 feet away from the shower, which means you can keep it somewhere in the attic rather than unattractively in the bathroom corner. Also, ThermaSol steam units conserve water by only using one gallon of water to power a 20 minute steam session.

Typically, steam rooms are found in luxury spas or gyms–but that’s not the only place they can be found. Thanks to modern technology and greater consumer awareness, steam showers are now a popular amenity found in many private residences. ThermaSol is a luxury that you can have in the comfort of your own home, giving you the ultimate serene shower experience.