Transition Your Bathroom from Dull to Different

It’s no secret that designing your bathroom can be a drag! If you’re in the process of a renovation and feeling this way, you are not alone. Many homeowners are in the same position and all ask the same question… How can I make my bathroom unique?

Here at Kurrent we specialize in bathroom fixtures. We are professionals when it comes down to the nitty-gritty technicalities and bathroom basics. With our vast knowledge of luxury products we are able to push the envelope in terms of creativity and give our customers the ultimate shower experience. We have access to the most innovative brands on the market that have given us the tools to become experts at designing one-of-kind bathrooms.

Here are a few tips to expand your bathroom knowledge and give you the insight and confidence to step outside your comfort zone throughout your entire design process!

Let’s start with the shower. Once you have determined the style of your bathroom (modern, traditional, transitional, etc.) the real fun begins… When choosing your shower system, you should keep in mind what functions you would like your shower to perform. From body sprays to hand-showers to rain-heads and more, the possibilities are endless! Most will play it safe and have all their shower trims in a vertical line, but have you ever considered a shower with horizontal trims? These are the little tricks that you probably didn’t realize were possible but will make your bathroom stand out!

Looking for a spa experience? Try the Aquabrass Cura Series – one of Kurrent’s favorite wellness collections. Their rain heads have chroma therapy, water therapy, and aromatherapy features that were designed to heal your body, mind, and soul. Most people are unaware of the endless possibilities when it comes to rain heads and that’s why we encourage our customers to try the Cura Series. Why go to Club Med when you can have your very own spa and wake up every day feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Speaking of relaxation – Kurrent can also help you create your very own shower recliner! The horizontal shower by Dornbracht was designed to give you a relaxing shower experience with 6 recessed jets strategically placed above a reclining space. Any shower that you can take while laying down is a shower that we can get behind!

Are you big on technology and having the latest gadgets on the market? A great way to integrate technology into your shower and steam experience is through the ThermaTouch LCD Controls. With this amazing touch screen by Thermasol, you’ll be able to control your steam duration, temperature, lighting modes, audio, and so much more! Plus you can even download a variety of different apps in case you wanted to watch some television or check the news while in the shower. Talk about #ShowerGoals!

Now that you’ve started thinking outside the box, you can see how easy it is to turn your bathroom from dull to different! With the right support and product knowledge from our team, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about these one-of-a-kind products, contact a Kurrent salesperson here!