Keeping Up With What’s Current

Kurrent has been a premier retailer of luxury plumbing and hardware since 2017, with a reputation for delivering a smooth, seamless shopping experience to homeowners, designers, contractors and architects looking for contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. With a focus on providing the highest level of customer service, Kurrent offers an extensive selection of the finest products Keeping Up With What’s Current

Engaging with the Community

There’s always an opportunity for professionals to engage with high school students to help them understand how fulfilling a showroom sales career helping customers make their home renovation decisions can be. “It feels so good to see your client’s face light up upon the reveal of their remodel because you know you’ve just made their Engaging with the Community

Quarantine Cleaning Tips

It is always important to keep our kitchens clean, but now more than ever. Faucets and hardware can become breeding grounds for germs if not properly taken care of. Many of our clients ask how to keep their luxury fixtures and hardware clean without damaging their finish… and we have an answer! The best way Quarantine Cleaning Tips

Transition Your Bathroom from Dull to Different

It’s no secret that designing your bathroom can be a drag! If you’re in the process of a renovation and feeling this way, you are not alone. Many homeowners are in the same position and all ask the same question… How can I make my bathroom unique? Here at Kurrent we specialize in bathroom fixtures. Transition Your Bathroom from Dull to Different

Innovative Designs that Will Carry You Into the Future

Kurrent prides themselves in working with specialty brands that bring character and uniqueness to the design world! We are constantly looking for new and exciting products that allow us to demonstrate our creativity when designing a home. For this reason, we are proud to announce our latest partnership with the renowned faucets and accessories company, Innovative Designs that Will Carry You Into the Future

Bring Your Vacation Experience Home

Remember that perfect vacation you were on last year? Imagine having that experience at home. Our founder, Jack, thought so too. We at Kurrent will help you design the interior of your dreams and bring it to life! After all, it’s what we do.

90% Of Us Hide Out In The Bathroom

We all have out secret hiding spots, our own secret safe space. Did you know for 90% of us it’s the bathroom? You’d want your comfort zone to be as perfect as possible, and we want that for you too.

Keeping it Kurrent

Every week, a showroom is born! The latest trends, freshest brands, and sharpest styles take their turn center stage at our attractive showroom, open Sunday through Friday for your convenience. Join the streams of designers who parade through our doors each week, just stopping by to check out what’s new. Create distinctive and individual designs, Keeping it Kurrent

A Well Designed Kitchen + Bath

When a New Yorker goes in search of materials and ideas for the home, Brooklyn is sure to be one of their first stops. Known for a creative, craftsmen-centric design community that blends new and old to stunning effect, the borough exudes the spirit of both innovation and time honored technique. Enter, Kurrent Kitchen + A Well Designed Kitchen + Bath

Experience – Discover your look with expert advise.

Browse unique designs from the hottest brands at Kurrent Showroom with expert advice from celebrity guest designer @dahliasday. Featuring Phillip Jeffries wallpaper and Holly Hunt furniture.